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About us

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Marc Russo

Marc Russo is a well-known West Australian Photographer 

He has been creating breathtaking images since 2006. 

Marc is known for his uncanny knack of being in the “right place at the right time”, capturing evocative and rare images with his camera.  He was there when the boats came into Shark Bay from Sri Lanka, these boats contained many refugees seeking solace. He was asked to document the damage to the town of Yarloop when it was devastated by fire.


His work became prominent in 2009 when he documented the whales stranded at Hamelin Bay beach front.  It was a sad event, but his magnificent image helped the public know of the plight of the whales and early intervention by the public saw many saved. This image was chosen for the front page of the West Australian Newspaper. It was also voted Image of the Decade.


Demand for Marc’s images has increased each year and he has been busy taking photographs all over Australia. He now includes Wildlife, Landscapes, Portraits and Drone imagery to his portfolio.


His work has made various newspapers and magazines across Australia and throughout the world.  Marc has won many awards and is always striving to hone his skills with every photograph. 


Always up to date with the latest technology and now with the addition of Drones, this has given Marc the edge in his field.  

He’s always achieving the best perspectives and is now licensed and respected in the UAV world.


Marc enjoys excellent reviews from his clients